About Natural Hair Transplant Clinic in India

Established in 2012, Kabera Global Skin Rejuvenation and Natural Hair Transplant Clinic has made its mark in the field of aesthetic enhancement procedures by rendering exceptional results to thousands of our esteemed clients, in India and abroad.

Within a short span of time, we have earned immense respect and expertise in hair loss treatments and skin care industry. This was only possible because of the hard-working and experienced team of leading medical professionals at our 21+ centres in cities like Chandigarh, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Haridwar, Indore, Jalandhar, Pune, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, et al. We understand the significance and self-assurance attached to looking good along with the psychological effects outward appearances have on the personality of the person. We aim to accomplish the dreams of our clients of recovering their hair back and reviving beautiful clear skin at affordable costs.

Kabera Global believes in keeping up with this new age of science and technology. We constantly strive to serve distinctive methods and facilities to achieve the best natural results possible. We offer the latest technologies like FUE Hair Transplant, Robotic Restoration and unique techniques like Grip-Strip for Cosmetic Hair Fusion. Apart from that, Laser Hair Removal, Mesotherapy and Skin Peeling is popular among our female clientele to restore their youthful glow and radiance. Any type of skin treatment is only prescribed after a thorough examination by our dermatologists to determine which one will suit the best according to skin type.

We deeply respect the customer’s right to choose and therefore provision for free consultation facility is offered. Understandably, undergoing hair transplant and skin treatments is a huge decision as it commands dedicated time, attention and finances. The consultation facility provides a chance for the client to know us better, clear their doubts personally and feel more comfortable and confident about us. Kabera Global Natural Hair Transplant Clinic sustains the highest standards of sanitization and comfort in addition to several other features so you know that you are investing in quality services.

Our Mission

“Kabera Global is committed to providing you with aesthetic procedures in your city within budget.”

Our Vision

“To make people confident about themselves by increasing accessibility and affordability of aesthetic treatments.”

Our Values

"We strive for Excellence, Trustworthiness and Integrity in our work."

Why Choose Kabera Global?

Affordable Cost

Avail optimal and genuine hair transplant cost with convenient no-cost EMI option for increased flexibility.

Advanced Techonology

We use the latest technologies and techniques which are safe and reliable to provide best results.

Excellent Results

The proof is in the pudding. Our transformation result pictures, testimonials and reviews speak for themselves.

Have A Question? Ask Us

For any questions, queries or doubts, talk to us before your appointment. Call us on +91-9888099906.