In today’s day and age, men have stepped up their beard game. They are no more shy to flaunt different styles of beard. The dedicated salons for men availing special designer beards with different styles, colors, etc are proof of the same. However, several factors like genetics, hair type, pollution, diet and more can lead to patchy or missing facial hair. Beard is also a sign of machoism and a balding beard can be a cause of depression. It results in loss of confidence and self-esteem. Getting back a dense beard is now easy with the natural beard transplant in India.

What Is Beard Transplant?

Beard transplant is the latest technique for beard reconstruction for balding or missing facial hair. The treatment is done by an expert surgeon and trichologist after proper checks, analysis and medical tests. Hair restoration is a tough procedure as it requires attention to minute details like the direction of the hair, the angle of the implant and density of the strands to give an aesthetic look to the patient. An accurately done beard restoration surgery results in a permanent and natural looking beard. Beard transplant is also an excellent way of hiding any scars or marks on the face without undergoing cosmetic surgery. Often, hair ceases to grow on a scar. This procedure can help cover the mark making it look consistent.

What Is Beard Transplant Procedure?

FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction technology is used for hair transplantation on the beard. The latest technology uses a microneedle for extracting and harvesting of grafts instead of a scalpel, which was used in FUT technology. Local anesthesia is given before the surgery along with anti-inflammatory medicines. Hence, FUE is virtually painless, scarless and does not require sutures. The surgeon extracts follicles from the donor area and implants on the balding region. The procedure is safe and reliable as the patient’s own hair acts as implants. Therefore, there is no fear of transplant rejection. The surgeon gives a detailed instruction list on the dos and don’ts after the surgery.

How Much Does Beard Transplant Cost in India?

The cost of beard transplant is determined by the geographical location of the clinic, the experience of the surgeon, the level of baldness and the number of grafts required. Natural Hair Loss Clinic In India offers beard restoration at the most affordable cost. We have more than 21 clinics all over India and provide quality service with our expert team of trichologists, surgeons and medical staff. We have facilities for all the analysis tests and medicines so that you have a comfortable and safe treatment without any worries. Beard transplant is now within budget with the EMI facility available at our clinics. Choose the time period and installments according to your convenience with easy and affordable installment options.

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