In India, cosmetic Hair fusion is the latest trend in the fashion and entertainment world to enhance the appearance of a person without any hassle. Though hair loss, baldness, shedding and thinning decreases the confidence of a person, baldness treatment options like cosmetic hair fusion, hair transplants, PRP therapy and mesotherapy help to restore the luscious locks along with rebuilding your self-esteem. However, cosmetic fusion technique has proven to provide additional benefits than other hair restoration procedures.

What is Cosmetic Hair Fusion?

Do you often stay away from experimenting with new up-do’s because of your low-density mane? Our tresses forms an integral part of our personality and when they are thin, flat and low volume, it can dampen your spirits. Cosmetic hair fusion is the best way to get long and luscious mane instantly. The process includes using real human hair donated by donors or cosmetic grade fusion hair extensions fused with your natural locks or simply worn as wigs in case of extreme baldness with the innovative grip strip technology. Cosmetic fusion, when performed by an expert in Kabera Global Clinic, gives a natural and aesthetic look making you appear no less than a superstar.

Benefits Of Undergoing Cosmetic Hair Fusion?

It has numerous benefits in addition to enhancing the appearance of the person. Its advantages can be assessed by comparing it to other hair loss treatment processes like FUE transplants, PRP therapy and mesotherapy.

  • Painless: The process is the most painless method out of all the baldness treatments since no surgery is required. The process is non-invasive and easy. Hence, the process can be adopted by those who are scared of surgeries.
  • Hot tools: One refrains from using hot tools on the natural locks due to fear of hair loss and damage. However, you can freely use hot tools on cosmetic tresses without any concerns.
  • Instant results: Unlike FUE transplant, PRP therapy or mesotherapy, cosmetic fusion treatment results can be obtained without any delay or wait.
  • Works on completely bald hair: Hair transplants require at least some donor hair for transplantation. If those are not present, FUE treatment cannot be done. For such people, cosmetic fusion is an excellent option.
  • For physically unfit: Those suffering from cancer, hypertension, syphilis, HIV, hormonal problems etc are not recommended to undergo hair transplant surgery. Cosmetic hair fusion is a great alternative for baldness treatment in such circumstances.
  • No need to shave the head: FUE transplant requires shaving of the head prior to the treatment. Many people, especially ladies are uncomfortable doing so. Cosmetic fusion therapy requires no such shaving of the scalp hair.
  • Fun highlights and colour: Dyeing and maintaining the hair color is quite a task. Expenses like root touch ups add to the overall cost. Moreover, turning brunette locks to blonde and then coloring it is a huge task and takes many sessions for the desired color to show up in addition to the fear of damage to your tresses. Cosmetic fusion is a fun way to adopt whichever style or color you like in a jiffy.
  • Style without worry: Cut, style or highlight; whatever you chose, do it without any anxiousness usually associated with styling real and natural hair.
Cosmetic hair fusion is an amazing way to conceal balding, thinning and patchiness problems without any hassles. Instead, you are left with bouncy, dense and volumized tresses. You can even go for a swim with your new fusion hair extensions. For most natural looking cosmetic fusion treatment in India which requires minimum maintenance, contact us.

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