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The team of experts at Kabera Global Dermatology and Natural Hair Transplant Clinic in India work together to deliver the best quality at the most affordable cost. The surgeons, trichologists, dermatologists and medical staff at our clinics in 21+ cities all over India strive towards providing the highest quality of service to you. The doctors at Kabera Global hold expertise in their field of work whether it is dermatology, FUE transplant surgery, PRP therapy, mesotherapy, laser hair reduction or peels.

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Undergoing hair restoration surgery is a big deal and it is important to visit a clinic with the best surgeons. FUE treatment, especially, is a tedious process that takes its toll on the surgeon’s patience, energy levels, neck muscles and enthusiasm. It is a long and tiring process with no session less than at least 7 continuous hours. The longer sessions often take more than 12 hours depending on the options chosen by the patient. A hair transplant surgeon should have artistic knowledge as to how to place the graft keeping in mind the direction and angle of the hair follicle implant. The surgeon should have M.S./ M.Ch. degree with years of experience behind them and you will get precisely that at Natural Hair Transplant Clinic In India. Our transformation result pictures and testimonials on our website are proof of the expertise of our surgeons.

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One often ignores small hair problems and resorts to common home remedies. However, these hair problems can escalate into bigger issues and may cause permanent baldness. It is important to consult a hair expert before it is too late. Hair problems ranging from hair fall, hair damage, dandruff, dryness, etc should be treated by a trichologist after proper medical tests. The trichologist will analyze the test results and prescribe the medicines, shampoos, oils and tonics according to the need.

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Skin is a sensitive issue for most people and any skin imperfection, especially on the face, begins to diminish the confidence of the person. Get rid of all the imperfections with a variety of skin treatments available at Kabera Global handled by skin specialists to provide you with the best results. Similar to hair treatments, skin treatments too require some special medical tests. After the test analysis, the dermatologist decides which skin treatment will be best suitable for your skin type and target the skin problem you are facing. The dermatologist will handle all the skin treatments ranging from laser removal, acne scar removal, skin rejuvenation treatments, organic peels, chemical peels, skin whitening, etc.

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