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Kabera Global dermatology and natural hair transplant clinic has pan India presence with more than 21 clinics in all the major cities. It is proud of its team of qualified and experienced doctors, trichologists, expert medical staff and hygienic surroundings. Our comfortable environment with all the personal and medical facilities will help you feel relaxed and trouble-free. You can get a free consultation from experts both online and offline. Kabera Global’s before/after transformation pictures and testimonials are proof of its expertise in the natural and aesthetic beauty industry.

Evolution of Hair Transplant Technologies

Did you ever see a recent picture of yours and refused to believe it was you? A mirror might not always tell you the complete truth about your baldness as much as the camera does. Breaking off of a constructed reality and coming out of the denial of baldness can be traumatizing. While baldness was considered an old man’s territory, today, hair loss is common in men and women of age as young as in their 20’s. In this beauty-centric world, hair and skin form a huge part of one’s life. Issues like hair and skin problems are often reported to cause mental illnesses like depression and anxiety. Hair Transplants are an effective solution for hair loss problem which further has various psychological benefits as well.

21st Century is truly an age of technology. Though we have seen an onset of never seen before problems, we are also very close to finding the perfect solution owing to excellent innovations. Hair transplants technology has come a long way from the first hair restoration surgery in 1952 in the United States by New York dermatologist Norman Orentreich (also known as the father of modern hair transplantation). In India, 2017 saw the rise of popularity of FUT technology (Follicular Unit Transplant), also known as strip harvesting method. Meanwhile, FUE technology (Follicular Unit Extraction) rules 2018-19 which is much advanced and better than its predecessor.

Trichologists and Surgeons in India

Hair transplant procedures have become rather accessible and affordable as compared to a time when only the supremely rich could afford it. Higher education in the field of cosmetic surgeries in India is a major reason for this. Expert surgeons require years of experience to provide the best aesthetic results. They have to devote attention to the angle and direction of the follicles. Hence, it is important to choose a clinic which provides the best surgeons, comfort to the patient, natural hair transplant results and charges optimum price. Those clinics charging too cheap or too expensive are also not the ideal choice for the surgery.

Benefits Of Hair Loss Treatments

The benefits of hair loss treatment are immense. It not only enhances the physical beauty but also has psychological advantages to it as well. It helps to bring back the lost confidence and self-esteem. The procedure involves extracting follicles from the baldness resistant region of scalp where the hair is abundant and then harvesting the grafts to the bald patch. The procedure can be done for hair on scalp as well as the face, which includes eyebrows, moustaches and beard. The whole process takes 8 to 12 hours depending on the number of grafts to be transplanted. The complete process can also be broken down into several small sessions.

Eligibility For Hair Restoration

However, not everyone is eligible for hair transplant surgery. Eligibility includes

  1. The person should be at least 25 years of age since alopecia is still evolving during early adulthood.
  2. The person should have stable and healthy donor hair. Without them, the procedure is not possible.
  3. The person should be generally healthy and should not suffer from diseases like hypertension diabetes, HIV, Hepatitis, etc.
  4. The person should have pigmented, thick and curly donor hair.
People who are not advised to undergo baldness treatment need not be discouraged as treatments like Mesotherapy, PRP Therapy, Cosmetic Fusion is an excellent alternative for them.

Hair Transplant Cost in India

It is important to have realistic expectations with the end result of the surgery. It majorly depends on the level of density and number of grafts to be transplanted. The treatment cost, too, depends on the clinic costs, the popularity of the surgeon and the grafts required. Kabera Global Dermatology and Natural Hair Transplant Clinic In India is determined in offering the best quality treatment at the most optimum and genuine costs.

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