Laser Hair Removal

In India, Laser Hair Removal treatment is the most hassle-free and permanent solution to get rid of unwanted hair and enjoy smooth and soft skin year after year within budget. It is because in a tropical country like India, summers are long. The hair on the arms and legs showing through pretty summer clothes can be quite unpleasant. People, especially women, opt for painful and temporary procedures like waxing, threading, shaving, epilating, etc regularly. People also choose full body hair removal for hygienic as well as aesthetic purposes. However, such methods are not as easy as not only they require regular lifelong commitment, they are also extremely painful and expensive. Moreover, they are time-consuming and demand too many tedious tasks like booking an appointment, post-waxing regime, etc. over and over again. Though not painful, shaving every day is also time-consuming, requires a change of blade on regular basis and may also lead to razor bumps, burns, irritation and cuts. Hence, for permanent hair removal, laser treatment is the best option.

How Laser Hair Removal Treatment Works?

The laser is a powerful technology for getting rid of unwanted hair on the skin. Laser hair removal technique uses a highly concentrated beam of laser light in the form of pulses which is applied on the skin. It works on the principle of selective photothermolysis which involves heating and targetting specific matter. While lighter colors reflect light, darker colors absorb the same. Our hair is colored darker than our skin due to the presence of a pigment called melanin. The laser targets the melanin present in the hair thereby heating it and destroying the hair follicle. The surrounding skin, being lighter than the color of follicle reflects the light and remains unharmed. A cold gel is applied beforehand to protect the outer layers of the skin. Hence the procedure is safe for your skin. It is advised to shave the area right before the clinic appointment to avoid any burning smell.

Number of Sessions

The hair on our skin and scalp grows in three different phases called anagen telogen and catagen. Not all them on our body are at the same stage at the same time otherwise all the hair would fall out at the same time and regrow at the same time. However, the follicle being in different stages poses a complication for the hair removal procedure as the removal process takes place in the early anagen phase. In one session, only the hair in that stage will be destroyed while the others remain unharmed. Hence, laser hair removal requires several sessions to permanently get rid of unwanted fuzz. The number of sessions vary depending on the type of hair, the surface area of the skin on which the treatment is to be done and skin color. Course dark hair on lighter skin tone is easiest to remove and required the least number of sessions. Minimum eight sessions are required with six to eight weeks difference between consecutive sessions.

Laser Hair Removal Cost In India

The cost of laser hair removal is determined by the geographical location of the clinic and the number of sessions. At Kabera Global, we offer the best aesthetic treatments at the best and the most cost-effective prices. Our expert surgeons, trichologists and dermatologists ensure you have complete satisfaction after your treatment. Contact us for free consultation both online and offline. You can also avail our convenient EMI option with zero downpayment.

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