Men and women often get doomed by hair loss as their age progresses. However, factors like genetics, pollution, nutrient deficiencies, etc are causing people to become victims of baldness as early as in their 20’s. It is a traumatic experience and losing all the hair in the youthful period of life is even more disturbing. Hair issues have been known to cause mental illnesses like anxiety and depression which often go unattended. Hair loss treatment like mesotherapy is an excellent way to restore your locks by providing excellent results.

What is Mesotherapy Treatment?

Mesotherapy is a minimally invasive technique for hair regrowth in both men and women. It is suitable for people suffering from excessive hair fall, patchiness, thinning, shedding and pattern baldness. Mesotherapy consists of a concoction of vitamins, minerals and other hair benefitting ingredients to improve hair loss problem. The solution includes lidocaine, procaine, xylocaine for local anesthetics; NaCl 0.9 % for diluents; MgSO4, pantothenic acid, biotin, cobalamin, B complex vitamins, vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin A, zinc, selenium for minerals and vitamins, plant extracts, enzymes and hormones.

How Mesotherapy Treatment Works?

Mesotherapy helps people look and feel younger. A trained team of surgeons and technicians inject mesotherapy solution on the scalp’s surface. Local anesthesia in the solution makes the process comfortable for the patient leading to a painless treatment. Mesotherapy solution increases circulation in the scalp, thus, triggering follicle regrowth, stimulating blood circulation and boosting dormant follicles to rejuvenate. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a hormone responsible for hair loss, especially male-pattern baldness. Additionally, mesotherapy neutralizes DHT and restores hormonal balance in the scalp which further helps to tackle baldness. The vitamins and minerals help replenish any nutrient deficiency owing to which shedding and thinning might have taken place in the first place. The average number of sessions required for mesotherapy to work are five to six over a period of four to six months. This depends on the type of hair fall and level of baldness. The number of sessions required specifically for your problem will be advised to you by the experts.

What Are The Benefits Of Mesotherapy?

  • Increased Volume: Hair regrowth will show its effect in the form of increased hair volume.
  • Faster Recovery: You can go around with your everyday work right after the therapy.
  • Improves Quality: It helps to better the quality and texture of hair converting dull and boring tresses into being plumper and thick.
  • Stronger And Lustrous Hair: Mesotherapy brings luster and shine in the hair and makes it stronger thus avoiding baldness via breakage.
  • Decreased Shedding: Hormonal balance and nutrient enrichment will strengthen roots and reduce shedding.
  • Painless And Least Maintenance: Hair transplant treatments can get painful and require a lot of maintenance. The same is especially applicable for FUE transplant. Mesotherapy, on the other hand, is painless and requires no special maintenance.
  • Safe: The mesotherapy procedure and its after effects are completely safe with no adverse side effects.
  • Suitable To Young People: Those who are ineligible for hair transplant surgery can opt for mesotherapy instead.
  • Shaving Not Required: Hair transplants require shaving the head. Women especially have a problem with shaving the scalp. However, mesotherapy has no such preconditions and no one will ever get to know that you have gone under any special treatment for follicle regrowth.
Mesotherapy results in boosting natural hair growth which in turn boosts your confidence as well. Its minimal side-effects and positive results in our patients have made it a popular and preferred treatment for hair issues. Visit our Kabera Global Hair Loss Clinic in India today for a free consultation and the most affordable mesotherapy.

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